Brief technical summary

Below is a brief tech­ni­cal sum­mary of the new boards/modules

  • 4 MPU9150 9-axis IMUs sam­pled in parallel
  • Atmel AT32UC3C2512C 32-bit float­ing point microcontroller
  • ST SPBT2632C2A Blue­tooth module
  • Bat­tery pow­ered with charg­ing via USB
  • 4 layer 22.5x20x5.5mm PCB (exclud­ing pro­trud­ing USB connector)
  • Mod­ule size, includ­ing 150mAh bat­tery, circa 31x24x14mm (cas­ing not final)

In addi­tion we have also thrown in a flash mem­ory (up to 64Mb) and a pes­sure sensor.

If you have looked at the pho­tos below you may be won­der­ing why there are two micro-USB con­nec­tors. The one which has a slot in the cas­ing is a proper USB used for com­mu­ni­ca­tion (if you don’t want to use the Blue­tooth or sim­ply want more data than the Bluetooth-link can han­dle), charg­ing, and repro­gram­ming with the boot­loader. The one hid­den inside the cas­ing actu­ally con­tains a JTAG inter­face for debug­ging and repro­gram­ming. Micro-USB con­nec­tors are sim­ply con­ve­nient small foot­print connectors.

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