Clarification — calibration body

Just a small clar­i­fi­ca­tion con­cern­ing the cal­i­bra­tion body. Both the MIMU22BT mod­ules and the MIMU4444 boards (as well as the old MIMU3333 boards) fit in the body. (The do slide in fur­ther com­pared to the pho­tos.) The wire­less link of the MIMU22BT mod­ules is really nice when you do the cal­i­bra­tion. Just be sure to pair with the right mod­ule. Once I spent tenth of min­utes try­ing to fig­ure out why my cal­i­bra­tion script had stopped work­ing until I real­ized that the mea­sure­ments did not come from the mod­ule in the body.

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