First trajectory

Of cause, after hav­ing the fist Open­Shoe unit assem­bled, we were eager to try it out. Our spe­cial made shoes are cur­rently at the shoe­maker for some minor repair but for­tu­nately we hade some old trashed exper­i­ment boots which we could fit the unit in. Below you see that first (real-time) plot pro­duced by the sys­tem dur­ing the first walk by JO around the lab:

The axis are in meter and the posi­tion out­put was only 4[Hz]. As you can see the first plot was a real lucky shot, almost the exact same start and stop posi­tions. The fol­low­ing longer walks gave vary­ing per­for­mance. How­ever, we have only roughly tuned the sys­tem para­me­ters with visual inspec­tions of the out­put of the sys­tem on the desk­top, so after all we were very sat­is­fied.
Foto of the place­ment of the Open­Shoe unit in the trashed exper­i­ment boots

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