Two complete shoes

Some days ago we got some small PCAs for the cabling. Essen­tially small PCBs with a USB con­nec­tor, a push­but­ton to enable USB repro­gram­ming, and vias for sol­der­ing the flat cable from the cas­ing. After some sol­der­ing work we could finally put together one com­plete pair of shoes with an Open­Shoe sys­tem in both shoes.

As you can see shrink­ing cable has been used around the small PCAs. The pack­age is a lit­tle smaller than a nor­mal USB con­nec­tor. Mini USB con­nec­tors are used.

We have not yet put up any pro­duc­tion files for the small PCAs since there were some small flaws in them which we had to cor­rect man­u­ally. Hope­fully this will come soon.

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