Performance in sand

Being in Aus­tralia dur­ing the two last weeks we could not resist the temp­ta­tion to try out the Open­Shoe sys­tem on the beach.

Not hav­ing tested the Open­Shoe sys­tem in very soft ground con­di­tions we were uncer­tain how it would per­form. How­ever, dur­ing the lim­ited test it per­formed sur­pris­ingly well with no sig­nif­i­cant per­for­mance degra­da­tion! Unfor­tu­nately, due to lack of soft­ware in the com­puter we had brought we could not record raw data from the IMUs so we don’t have any data sets to share from the small exper­i­ment. How­ever, due to fre­quent requests for data sets we would like to record, doc­u­ment and bun­dle var­i­ous data sets for peo­ples to use. We hope to have time for this in the near future. For such a bun­dle of data sets we should be able to include some sets, maybe not from sand beaches (being rather unusual in Swe­den), but pos­si­ble from snowy conditions.

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