Getting started


If you are inter­ested in repro­duc­ing the sys­tem, a good start will be to get in con­tact with us. We might be able to help you out with com­po­nents and sup­port. Please send an inquiry to or any of the peo­ple under the peo­ple section.

The min­i­mum steps which are required to repro­duce the sys­tem are

  1. Buy an IMU.
  2. Have the PCB printed and pop­u­lated for you.
  3. Have the cas­ing pro­duced by a rap­pid pro­to­typ­ing service.
  4. Sol­der some flat cables between the PCBs
  5. Assem­bel the sys­tem parts
  6. Pro­gram the micro con­troller (require JTAG pro­gram­mer the first time)

If you have time, equip­ment, and knowl­edge you might print the PCB your­self, mount the com­po­nents, and print the cas­ing in some 3D printer. We have also had spe­cial shoes man­u­fac­tured for us but any shoe with a suf­fi­ciently thick sole in which you can carve a hole should do.

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