Due to the wide range of the nature of the hard­ware include in the Open­Shoe sys­tem, repro­duc­ing the hard­ware entail some very dif­fer­ent pro­duc­tion methods.

  • Details about repro­duc­ing the elec­tron­ics can be found under Elec­tron­ics.
  • Details about repro­duc­ing the cas­ing can be found under Cas­ing.

There is nat­u­rally no tech­ni­cal spec­i­fi­ca­tions of how to repro­duce the foot­ware. How­ever, some expe­ri­ences and com­ments about inte­grat­ing the sys­tem into foot­ware can be found under Foot­ware inte­gra­tion.

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