Logging data from two units

Yes­ter­day we sat down and cut-and-pasted together a sim­ple Linux C inter­face to the Open­Shoe. This allowed us to logg data at full speed (820[Hz]) from two units simul­ta­ne­ously. This we have had prob­lems with doing reli­ably from Mat­lab. The prob­lem seem to be that Mat­lab have a very large over­head in its fread-calls. This can prob­a­bly be solved some­how by using large buffers, read­ing a lot of data at the same time, and do some clever pars­ing. This is how we solved it for a sin­gle units. How­ever, for two units we found it eas­ier to just write a C inter­face. This also allowed us to reuse some old syn­chro­niza­tion code of ours. Cur­rently, the C inter­face is kind of uggly, untested, undoc­u­mented so we have not made it openly avail­able yet. Pos­si­bly we will do this in the future. If you have an urgent need for such an inter­face and do not wish to code one your­self (if you have a look at the cor­re­spond­ing Mat­lab con­trol scripts, it is rather straight for­ward), con­tact us and we will see what we can do.

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