Demo of the OpenShoe project at the IISc Open Day

A demo of the Open­Shoe project” was held on the occa­sion of IISc Open Day on 3 Mar 2012 (also IISc Founder’s Day). It was held in the main foyer of the ECE Main build­ing. Sub­hadra, Kishore and Anand demon­strated the work­ing of the Open­shoe and wire­less video stream­ing in the con­text of the First-Responder sys­tem being devel­oped under the Indo-Swedish activ­ity. A hel­met, with a web­cam mounted on it, and the open­shoe was worn by Sub­hadra Singh and he walked around the foyer of the build­ing.
The video was streamed via the Bea­gle board using an ad-hoc Wi-Fi net­work to the com­mand con­sole at the entrance of the foyer which also dis­played the streamed posi­tion data in real-time.
Sev­eral hun­dred vis­i­tors (gen­eral pub­lic) enjoyed a thrilling expe­ri­ence of watch­ing the real-time stream­ing of tra­jec­tory and and video feed as the per­son walked around the foyer. A few pics attached.


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