Workshop in India

Due to exces­sive work­load, there has been no updates on this home­page for a while. No we’re back to nor­mal lev­els so I’ll try to write some posts about what has hap­pend since the end of last year. First of all, dur­ing the sec­ond week of Jan­u­ary we joined up with our Indian col­legues for a work­shop at IISc. Below is a photo of the atten­dees of the workshop.

The work­shop con­cerned mul­ti­ple areas within the local­iza­tion research con­ducted at KTH and IISc and there­fore nat­u­raly also the Open­Shoe project, or rather pri­mar­ily the use of the Open­Shoe units. The peo­ple at IISc has recently pub­lished the paper Data Fusion of Dual Foot-Mounted INS to Reduce the Sys­tem­atic Head­ing Drift (See Pub­li­ca­tions) and we had a small bench­mark test com­par­ing the solu­tion to the sen­sor fusion solu­tions ear­lier devel­oped at KTH. Bench­mark tests going on:

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