Initialization of pedestrian dead reckoning

Work­ing with build­ing the larger infra­struc­ture free local­iza­tion sys­tem based on the Open­Shoe units, we have been forced to study the issue of sys­tem inte­gra­tion of foot-mounted iner­tial nav­i­ga­tion. Recently, some results from that was accepted for pre­sen­ta­tion at the next IROS con­fer­ence, Nov. 3–7 in Tokyo. It con­cerns the ini­tial­iza­tion of the foot-mounted iner­tial nav­i­ga­tion sys­tem of dif­fer­ent agents rel­a­tive each other by means of inter-agent rang­ing. Just like the work dealt with in the last post, this is not really a part of the Open­Shoe project but it is still rel­e­vant since if you are to use the Open­Shoe units in a larger sys­tem, you will most likely encounter the problem.

Any­way, the arti­cle is avail­able under the pub­li­ca­tion sec­tion and here:
Recur­sive Bayesian Ini­tial­iza­tion of Local­iza­tion Based on Rang­ing and Dead Reckoning

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