Software updates

Recently there has been a num­ber of soft­ware updates on source forge:

1. The com­mu­ni­ca­tion logic has now been iso­lated from the hard­ware depen­den­cies and the UART (Blue­tooth) and the USB is now han­dled by the same rou­tines. Pre­vi­ously the com­mu­ni­ca­tion logic code was dupli­cated to han­dle the two interfaces.

2. The project files have now been upgraded from Atmel Stu­dio 6.5 to Atmel Stu­dio 7.

3. The Atmel Soft­ware Frame­work (ASF) has been updated from ver­sion 2.7 to ver­sion 3.18. Fur­ther, all ASF/platform depen­den­cies have been removed from the algo­rithms so there is no ASF stuff longer in the algo­rithm project.

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